The best underwater Instagram photographers [EN]

After many years on Instagram, many photographers have emerged. Especially in the field of diving and frediving.
Today, I’m going to share with you the best photographers on Instagram.

John Kowitz

The American photographer, John Kowitz, skims the tropical waters of the whole world with his lens.
This lover of the seabed began his career as a freediving instructor. Seduced by the beauty of the seabed, he wanted to share it with us. He therefore trained in photography and gradually became a reference in terms of underwater photography.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at his Instagram account, it is impossible that there is not at least one image that seduces you !

Picture by John Kowitz

Benjamin Riquelme

Based in Menorca in the Mediterranean, it’s Benjamin Riquelme, a Spanish freediver who gives us incredible images. His visuals give us an impression of weightlessness underwater, as well as a beautiful play of lights, in various crevices. But not only ! Some pretty fun photos and a pretty funny image of the character, for example by staging himself with a Santa Claus costume.

Picture by Benjamin Riquelme

Jason Washington

It’s hard to miss him, of course I want to talk about Jason Washington ! A great freediver photographer who offers us high quality images with equipment that is just as impressive as his visuals. He is also a great defender of the wildlife of the oceans he explores. It is through photography that he does prevention, in order to save endangered species.

Picture by Jason Washington

Rosie Richards

Originally from London, Rosie Richards currently based in Australia, this globetrotter who has traveled many countries, offers us on her Instagram account totally stunning visuals, which plays a lot with the effects of shots. If you are looking for visuals with the local underwater fauna, then this freediving photographer will amaze you through her lens.

Picture by Rosie Richards

Christopher Funada

It’s Christopher Funada‘s turn, a freediving photographer straight from Hawaii! He shares his passion with his model Sydney Atkinson where they both explore this big blue, in order to offer us rare pearls that the surrounding fauna offers them.

Picture by Christopher Funada

Naon -波音-

Here is Naon ! A small Japanese gold nugget that offers us photos from the Asian continent, to be more precise, in the depths of the Sea of ​​Japan. He bases his compositions by playing with the light of the sun on his models, creating chiaroscuro which gives absolutely sublime results.

Picture by Naon -波音-

Alex Voyer

Our next seabed explorer present in this selection, we find a Frenchman well known to freedivers who is none other than Alex Voyer ! Alex makes us travel to the most unusual places, but also dangerous, because under the ice apnea takes on another dimension. It is another fascinating world which, despite its beauty, gives no possibility for error.

Picture by Alex Voyer


The Suahuatica account is managed by the Spanish photographer Michael. Thanks to his photographs, he offers us an immersion in underwater caves in the Mediterranean Sea or in abandoned wrecks in the Caribbean Sea. Expect to see lots of Cave Diving on his Instagram account that will make you want to play explorer.

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